Virtual Tradeshow Booths for Sponsors

— 2 minute read

At an on-site conference, sponsors often set up tradeshow booths. If you don't know what they are, tradeshow booths are an exhibition for companies to showcase and demonstrate their new products and services.

For larger events, tradeshow exhibitions are a big moneymaker – almost becoming an event onto themselves. And since conferences want to give sponsors as much foot traffic as possible, they usually provide free or next-to-free tickets for people to attend.

Ingredients of a Virtual Tradeshow Booth permalink

For online events, how can tradeshow booths translate into the virtual space?

One way is for a sponsor to schedule a Zoom meeting (or whatever platform they want to use) that lasts throughout the day of an online event—representatives from the company host the tradeshow room.

For sponsors, they stream from a studio, or each sponsor representative can be at their office desk with a green screen. Each sponsor representative can have a green screen with an image of their actual tradeshow booth behind them if they want to get the more traditional feel.

For the organizer's part, they will need to promote the link to the virtual tradeshow booth in an email the day of the conference, announced to attendees before sessions throughout the day, and have the link on the conference site. You want to make it easy for attendees to drop-in during breaks between sessions.