Do You Have Enough Lighting in Your Office?

β€” 1 minute read

Lighting is important.

Even in the age of Dark Modes for web sites and applications that lessen the brightness from our displays, I work in an office with the fluorescent lights turned off. The dimly lit office is necessary to reduce eye strain and the chance of a migraine headache.

However, when speaking during a video call or a virtual event, I make sure there is plenty of light on my face, and my space is well-lit.

Also, I do not rely on natural lightβ€”weather changes for a couple of reasons:

  1. The sun could be replaced with rain clouds.
  2. Virtual events are international – I could be speaking in the middle of the night!

During a presentation, attendees will see the slides, and they also prefer an actual face than a shadowy figure. A more lit face means that my facial expressions and delivery can provide additional context to the message I am delivering. Also, people who are hard of hearing actually rely on the quality video feed to read lips.