How I Trick Myself into Looking at My Webcam and Not My Slides

— 2 minute read

During video conference calls, I keep catching myself looking at the video of the person I'm talking to – rather than looking at the camera or webcam.

The same happens when I present with slides. I end up looking at my slides rather than at my webcam.

One trick to keep your eyes looking at the camera is to put a photo of someone you like or admire next to your webcam. Maybe it's a photo of a family member, friend, of famous Hollywood actor Tom Hanks.

Close-up photo of my webcam with googly eye stickers attached.
Wiggle googly eye stickers attached to my webcam with eyebrows and mouth put in with Wite-Out™.

I've gone the route of placing googly eye stickers on my webcam. Then I used Wite-Out™, and I've painted eyebrows and a mouth. With a friendly face on my webcam, I can act like I know where to direct my eyes when presenting.

This is a trick of personification. Personification occurs when an idea or an abstraction is represented as a person. An excellent example of this is all the characters in the Disney Pixar Cars franchise.

And while my webcam googly eyes aren't exactly a photo of Tom Hanks, it works for me.