Helping Events Go Virtual

— 1 minute read

Since we used to run online event for close to a decade, several conference organizers and friends have contacted Ari Stiles and I over the past couple of weeks for insights.

Many organizers are finding the need to move into the online space and do it quickly because of world-wide quarantine measures. We realized we were saying a lot of the same things in these meetings, so we thought maybe we should share what we know online in the coming days and weeks.

Starting a Blog permalink

So, I decided to blog about our experiences!

Most of the content you will see here is adapted from years of tech conference production experience. We had to create a lot of process documentation along the way!

As we find time to dig through our process documents, checklists, and other materials, we’ll clean it up and share it here.

Want to Talk to Someone? permalink

If you are traditional, face-to-face, or onsite conference or maybe you would like to start hosting online events, let me know.

I have almost a decade experience producing and hosting online events and love it when people come together to learn and engage!