Don't Ask Open-Ended Questions

— 1 minute read

When giving a presentation for an online conference, you will want to keep things simple.

One of the ways to do that is to avoid asking open-ended questions.

Some example of open-ended questions are:

  • "Tell me about a bit about your situation?"
  • "What process did you go through?"
  • "Why did you pick that answer?"

If you ask open-ended questions during a presentation, you will have to wait for an attendee to hear the question, realize it's not a rhetorical question, decide on whether to answer it, and then – if they are close to a keyboard or microphone – answer your question.

This pattern often leads to quiet or dead air.

The experience breaks the flow for attendees listening as they switch from being passive to active participants.

The conference organizers start to panic as they will think your audio dropped. The same goes for some attendees that might have missed the question.