Designing for The In-Betweens

— 1 minute read

The main building blocks of an online event are the ones most conference organizers know. However, what separates the most experienced or well-established conference from a ho-hum conference is being successful at what I call The In-Betweens.

While solving the logistics of the big items such as picking event date, tickets, online platform, and speakers, what's often not discussed is what happens between those moments of an online event when nothing happens:

  • Attendees waiting for the start of an event
  • The moment immediately following an event, when people have not signed off yet?
  • A scheduled intermission
  • An unscheduled moments:
    • such as a technical mishap
    • or a speaker ends their talk earlier than expected.

Think about how these moments should be handled:

  • What should be showing on the screen?
  • What should attendees be hearing?
  • Should attendees be engaging with chat, filling out a form, etc.?

Keep in mind how an attendee would appreciate wayfinding in these moments.

By being mindful of the In-Betweens, your attendee satisfaction from your online will soar.