Christopher Schmitt has produced online events (along with on-site events) for close to a decade.

When running events, I aim to bridge the digital distances to create engaging experiences for speakers to shine, audiences to learn, and sponsors to return.

In short, I loved online event production before it was necessary.

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Online events are:

  • Ecological and sustainable. Ultimately, fewer resources are used to produce events online.
  • Inclusive. Attendees who are unable to travel—because of physical, financial, or schedule constraints—can participate in online events and network with like-minded attendees.
  • Convenient. No travel, no hotel reservations, no worries about meal planning for hundreds of attendees—organizers and attendees are free to focus on the content, not the hassle.

And now they are...

  • A Safe Alternative. Everyone can participate in a shared experience while still under quarantine.

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Christopher Schmitt is an award-winning web designer who has been working in the medium for over twenty years.

He has a Masters in Communication for Interactive and New Communication Technologies, and is the author of many books including CSS Cookbook and Designing Web and Mobile Graphics.

Christopher was featured in What Comes Next is the Future, a documentary of the web: how it came to be, where it’s been, and where it’s going – as told by the people who build it.

Christopher is always looking for ways to help educate and empower people about web publishing and technology culture.